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Industrial Electrics

Industrial Electrics is an electrical and communications contracting organisation.  We have licensed and contracted installers.  The company is based in South East Queensland, and Northern New South Wales.  We have over 40 direct employees.  These employees are contracted to both private and public sectors.

The business has had specialised contractors for electrical and communications for the past 15 years.  In the last 10 years we have had expert licensed solar installers.  These solar systems have Australian backed warranty.  Also, savings to your bottom line.

The business was established in 2006 by Craig Copeland and Vaughan Watkins.  Today, Industrial Electrics has become a trusted and local family owned business.

We have full capability in context with Electrical and Communications infrastructure projects.  These projects are of all sizes in the private and public sectors.

Industrial Electrics continues its aim to revolutionise industry standards within Australia.  This is continuing to be upheld by implementing renewable energy solutions in 2020.


Company History

In 2006 Craig Copeland and Vaughan Watkins established Industrial Electrics.  This was with an intent to set the standards for the industry.  Craig and Vaughan aimed to do this with their offerings of electrical services to business and government.  This has now extended to renewable energy within households.

From the beginning, Craig and Vaughan have been committed to the continual improvement of both their electrical operations and their client service quality. 

We ensure that our electrical and renewable energy services are matched with our quality solutions.  These outcomes are reflected with our client satisfaction.  This is as we apply our abilities to the most complex of special projects.  From maintenance and repair contracts, all the way to solar systems.

For us, ‘Industry Best’ in safety, reliability and value is a starting point, not a goal. We have earned our leadership reputation by consistently exceeding standards for all business and government clients through our licensed contracted installers.

Company History

15 years of industry experience and over 40 dedicated team members.

Industrial Electrics has a long company history of strong client relationships and industry leading standards.

Company Culture

Directors, Craig and Vaughan believe in being a part of the local community.  They have been proud sponsors of the ‘Currumbin Junior Eagles‘ rugby league team for several years.

We carry this unity in community within our company.  Industrial Electrics have strong equal opportunity values.  This is shown with our apprentices and qualified tradesmen from various cultural backgrounds.  We value each other’s diverse balance of experience and knowledge, working together in a non-discriminatory environment.

Wherever possible, Industrial Electrics employ local team members.  This is to ensure local knowledge is readily available and sustained within the company.  Students from local schools and trade colleges are encouraged to participate in work experience with the company.  This hopefully allows them to confirm their compatibility for a career in the electrical industry. Work experience often leads to an apprenticeship with the company.  It also creates potential for the start of an interesting career.

Professional Staff

Industrial Electrics have over 40 direct employees. We offer quality workmanship, dedication and professional advice.

Our community

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