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Top Five Solar Myths Debunked

Myth #1: “I Have A Solar System But My Electricity Bill Is Still High. My Solar Doesn’t Work.”
If your solar system is not meeting your energy needs it could be because of several different reasons. The top two reasons being too much nearby shading or an incorrectly sized solar system for your home.

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Tesla powered residential home

Is The Tesla Solar Roof Worth It?

The Tesla Roof was announced in 2016 to replace residential roofing with solar panel tiles, combined with a battery storage system. Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, is known for his forward-thinking focus on engineering, technology and solar energy products.

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Tesla Electric Battery

Making the Move to Electric Vehicles

With technology being a dominating element of the 21st century, it is valuable to use these capabilities to our benefits and the benefit of our future. Electric vehicles (EV) not only offer solutions for energy efficiency within motor vehicles but also provide a sustainable way of travel.

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SMA PowerUp Trusted Solar Energy Partner

This year IE Solar has been appointed as a fully-fledged SMA PowerUp Partner. SMA is a global solar leader, collaborating closely with selected businesses to provide top-quality communication and commitment to customers.

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Movember 2020 Moustache Image

Movember Madness at Industrial Electrics This Year

Each year, when the month of November ticks around, often you see as men start to grow their facial hair in funky styles which may be a little out of the ordinary. You might laugh and think ‘good on them’ or, you might even donate, but do you know the message behind the cause?

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