Keep your house cool with insulation and keep your electricity bill down

Trying to avoid high electricity costs

Is it getting to that time of year again? Another electricity bill, which is totally through the roof! With prices continually increasing, you may be feeling a bit deflated when your piece of paper from your energy providers arrives in the mailbox. Well, we have some suggestions for you.

An electricity bill should not attach with it feelings of anxiety or distress. We will walk you through how insulation and renewables such as solar can help you keep your electricity bill down. These insights are most helpful in the colder or warmer times of the year. Often this is when most appliances are operating with high energy consumption levels, such as air conditioning.


using solar to reduce your electricity bill

Solar has become a proven way to reduce your electricity bill. By using the energy from the sun, any additional power gained is fed back into the grid. Unless you own a solar battery, where energy is stored and then used later on, this supports a decrease in your electricity spend.

The beauty of installing solar is that in the initial enquiry stage, your solar provider will be able to analyse your energy consumption levels and design a system unique to your power usage! Having this done *correctly* will counter your use of larger appliances. In doing this, you will have a solar system size that can manage air-con, dishwashers, dryers and more, which may make up a large portion of your electricity bill.

the benefits of insulating your home

Now that we have gotten the solar part out of the way, we can get on with the good stuff. Assuming that you do have solar, insulation simultaneously can be used to reduce your electricity costs. A study completed by Solar Analytics showed how air-con consumes the most energy directly after being turned on. Like anything, air conditioning needs time to switch on and time to reach your desired temperature set. After the aircon matches the correct temperature, it can relax and maintain steady energy consumption. Here, you can see variations in your energy use levels when the air conditioning is operating to cool the house. Your energy levels will then go back to normal after the home is the set temperature.

For this reason, we recommend using your air-con during the day, when your solar system is performing at its best and saving you the most. If you want your house to remain at a cool temperature throughout the evening, it is valuable to have good insulation. From a moderately well-insulated home to a superbly insulated home, it will work in your favour to turn your aircon from midday onwards and store the cool air while your costs are still low. By making use of your home insulation after turning off your air-con at night, your home should be pre-cooled enough to sustain for the following hours.

be energy and environmentally conscious when using electricity

Aside from solar and insulation being able to reduce your electricity bill, you can also assist in being environmentally friendly. As a homeowner, it is important to be energy efficient by choosing to source materials sustainably. Decreasing the energy needed to heat or cool your home means a decrease in fuel supplies and emissions. An increase in demand for insulation subsequently means a decreasing demand for natural gas, fuel oil and powered electricity.

After transitioning to renewables and energy-efficient materials, it is still necessary to know how best to use these products. Below are some steps you can follow to remain environmentally aware while saving on your electricity bill.

Tip One: Make sure all windows and doors are closed. You can use various products to block the gaps under your doors.

Tip Two: Confine your warm electricity in a room separate from the aircon controller. For example, if you are using your washing machine and dryer, close the laundry door, as the aircon will have less access to this space.

Tip Three: During summer or warmer winter days, keep your blinds closed as a preventative for the house becoming warmer through direct sunlight.

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