How Understanding Your Energy Bill Could Save You Money!

Minimise The cost of your next electricity bill

It’s a cold day, you’re sitting on the couch with some hot chocolate under the heater; and then you see it, the dreaded energy bill! We know the feeling all too well, and it seems that Australians have developed quite the feud with energy bills for various reasons. Despite there being no escaping them, there are certainly ways in which you can understand, and minimise the cost of your next energy bill!

Review your previous energy bills and compare it with the latest

Take a look at your last few energy bills simultaneously, do you notice any trends? A major cause of fluctuating energy costs can be due to seasonal weather; comparing your average daily usage from spring to summer as an example, can provide a great indication as to how you are currently utilising your electricity. Air conditioning units are one of the biggest energy users in a home; it’s easy to leave it on continuously or overnight. Instead, stay informed with weather changes, adjust your home accordingly to suit weather changes, this could be closing windows or curtains to maintain the cool or warmth.

Accessing your previous energy bills can highlight some bad habits; and you’ll begin to appreciate why your parents told you to turn the lights off when they didn’t need to be used. If you’re struggling to understand the breakdown of your energy, call your energy provider, as they’re also available to guide and instruct you.

Understand which at home appliances use the most energy

– Central Air Conditioners; as mentioned before, your AC can use a lot of energy, specifically at 5,000 Watts!

– Electric Water Heaters; it’s most likely the second highest culprit that contributes to your energy bill

– Refrigerator and Freezers; if you haven’t already realised, this appliance runs 24/7 using electricity

– Clothes Dryers; when in use a dryer can operate at 3,400 Watts, hanging your clothes outside uses 0 Watts

We understand that we need a lot of these at home appliances; the last thing we want is for you to freeze during a winter morning. However, there are certain luxuries such as having multiple refrigerators or freezers operating and always using a clothes dryer, that can tear through your wallet.

Think sustainably; use that clothes dryer sparingly and turn on that second refrigerator when you’re having a big get together with family and friends.


Get creative with your energy monitoring

Utilising a smart home system, that monitors your energy consumption is the most effective way of understanding your energy usage in real time. At Industrial Electrics, we’ve partnered with industry leading technology manufacturers; and are amazed at what smart home energy management systems can do!

These at home energy management systems use hardware, such as smart bulbs, smart plugs, temperature sensors and light sensors, in conjunction with software; which tells you which devices are operating, the energy each device uses and provides insights as to trends and issues you may be experiencing.

It’s almost as if you had a second set of eyes, monitoring your energy usage! If you’d like to implement a smart home system, that monitors your energy consumption, get in touch with Industrial Electrics!



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