What to expect when expecting... solar!

How to be prepared when purchasing solar for your home

Choosing renewable energy for your home is beneficial for multiple reasons.  Using the sun’s energy, as opposed to coal and gas, makes a difference in moving towards an eco-friendly future while simultaneously reducing your electricity bill.

Although, before you make a final decision, it is important to be confident in your solar provider. This is for reasons such as after-sales service, panel and inverter warranty and overall support.

So, how do you tell if your quote is coming from a trusted provider? Here are some questions we recommend you ask yourself.

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Has someone visited your home?

While it may not always be necessary for energy or solar providers to visit your home, it is recommended. It is possible to use available technology for satellite imaging to view your home and create a system design. Although, a home visit will allow a solar provider to consider other variants such as roof size and site conditions which may impact the amount of sun your roof gets, such as nearby trees. Additionally, it will allow for the energy provider to see your home and the utilities used which may impact your energy consumption levels.

What is your energy provider's history and have they been transparent in the products being used?

Something to consider when choosing a solar provider is to confirm how long they have been in business. You should be given this information as a part of your solar quote but if you are unsure, you can always look up the given business and its ABN number. While you’re doing this, it would also be wise to read Facebook and Google reviews as often this reflects business credibility.

The reason for doing this is to ensure you can trust your provider to install solar on your home. It is becoming more frequent that we are seeing customers being taken advantage of by ‘solar cowboys‘ as we say. The last thing you want after making an investment in renewable energy and solar PV energy is faulty panels, a poor installation or a lack of communication and after-sales service. An article written by the ABC in 2019 said some ‘concerning trends’ to look out for include pressuring salespeople, businesses that have not been around for long and unaffordable credits.

Additionally, we recommend researching your desired panels and inverters before purchasing, to provide an overview of what materials and consequently what costs to expect. Once you have this knowledge, you should feel confident in asking your solar provider if they conducted testing on these products before adopting them. 

Do you know what your warranty is and your installers qualifications?

You should be aware of your solar system and inverter warranty before any payment is made. Generally speaking, you should expect a 10-year warranty on your inverter and up to 25 years panel warranty, depending on the brand, system size and cost. This can vary significantly, so again, if you are not sure – research, research and more research!

As for qualifications, all solar installers must be an accredited installer by the Clean Energy Council. This must be done by name. If your installer is not clear on their qualifications or whether or not they have been accredited, you can search them online through the Clean Energy Council website. Any additional qualifications or partnerships are a bonus, such as SMA PowerUp Partners

Why Choose Us?

As a part of our proposal, we will have a recommended solar system and inverter in place for you. We welcome any and all questions you have surrounding these recommendations. All of our solar panels are designed to withstand Australian weather conditions, being built to Australian standards.

We have a minimum 10-year inverter warranty, with our panel warranty ranging from 15 all the way to 25 years. Our installers are most certainly Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited, as well as being SMA PowerUp Partners.

For all solar, renewable energy and home battery systems, we would love to help future proof your home! To get started on finding the best system for your home, complete the form below, head to our enquiry page or call us on 1300 518 148.



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