Home Improvement Tips On Renovate Or Rebuild

to renovate or rebuild? that is the question!

Are you a homeowner that is ready for a change? Renovate or Rebuild encompasses one family, two teams and one big decision! The television show is coming to Channel 9 in the coming weeks, intending to encourage homeowners to incorporate sustainable choices when renovating or rebuilding their homes. With a dash of competitiveness, a focus on renewable energy and above all, prioritising the families needs, Renovate or Rebuild provides great home improvement tips.

You will most likely be familiar with the expert design teams, all of who have previously competed in a well-known home renovation series, ‘The Block’. Additionally, two specialist judges, Zali Reynolds and James Treble will assist the families to review the energy efficiency and building performance of the new home improvement design. Ultimately, the combined knowledge will assist the families in making their life-changing decision. Industrial Electrics went behind the scenes with Queensland team Michael and Carlene Duffy to understand the ‘Blockheads’ home improvement tips for Renovate or Rebuild.

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How To Make The Decision To Move To Smart Home Improvements

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your home? Is it time to let go and rebuild, or do you think there’s still hope? Perhaps a renovation is a balance between keeping the character of your home but modernising and meeting your new needs. Although, a rebuild could be the refreshing reset your home needs. So, what will it be? Reinvent the past and renovate, or, knock it down and rebuild? Below are some top things to consider when deciding between Renovating or Rebuilding your home for smart home improvements.

#1 Materials

Renovating a home often requires more materials, labour and time. Choosing to renovate has a demand for additional materials because of the structural adjustments. Additionally, this is because of the potential repair and replacement necessary for modernising the state of the home.

Rebuilding can make use of modern materials and smart technology to build a home in a faster time frame with fewer materials. In saying this, it means being environmentally conscious when demolishing your old house. Instead of materials going to landfills, various Australian companies can reuse and recycle.

A forward-thinking component of the Renovate or Rebuild series is the focus on energy efficiency equipment. The spotlight on sustainable living demonstrates the value of renewable materials and equipment such as solar panels and battery enhances a home.

#2 Budget

For each family in Renovate or Rebuild, a budget is set before pitching and designing the teams ideas. In showing this, it demonstrates the importance of the budget being created at the beginning of a home improvement process.

Essentially, the more structural changes involved in a renovation, the most expensive it will be. It is valuable to consider the amount of work involved in sustaining the home that already exists. A comparison should be made of the budget required for both renovations and rebuilding to achieve your desired result. Sometimes, the most cost-effective choice is to knock it down and start from scratch.

#4 Design and Resale Value

The land condition, size and angle of the block may impact design choices. A smart design would be one that can capitalise on natural light, views, landscape and energy efficiency. You may feel you can achieve this through a renovation by keeping the heart of the home and enhancing the great qualities. Alternatively, rebuilding might be the right choice if you don’t want to be restricted when improving and increasing the value of your home with new design features.

Often, homeowners will decide to implement home improvements to increase the resale value of their house. As Renovate or Rebuild specialist judge Zali Reynolds discusses, modern home designs can go out of style, but often, the character of old homes is always desirable.



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