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Renovate or Rebuild has been described by the Australian Institute of Architects as a 45-60 minute residential renovation lifestyle tv series. The production is brought to you by Channel 9. The series involves the development or the repurposing of existing Australian homes. Essentially, there are two teams. Team renovate, and team rebuild.

Multiple homes have been selected across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The two teams must present their vision for the potential new home, considering energy efficiency, design, and budget. 

The Queensland, Victorian and New South Wales teams will consist of all past Block Contestants, such as Michael and Carlene Duffy, who Industrial Electrics had the privilege to work alongside. Once the teams have created their proposals, they must battle for the YES of the homeowner.

The homeowner’s decision may be influenced by the host and well-known interior designer James Treble. James will be casting his vote depending on what he suggests would be best suitable for the homeowner. James makes this decision by considering the families (homeowners) space and desires, with sustainability at the top of his mind.

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This year Industrial Electrics had the privilege of working alongside previous Block contestant Carlene Duffy for the new lifestyle television show Renovate or Rebuild coming soon to Channel Nine

We can not wait to see what this show has in store for Aussie viewers! Renovate or Rebuild is an opportunity to show Queensland and Australian households the benefits of implementing renewable energy solutions. With the extreme impacts of climate change becoming a catalyst for renewable energy demand, using energy-efficient equipment should be every homeowner’s responsibility.

For this reason, combining home improvements with sustainability on national television is a great way to encourage Australian families to practice the same efforts. Industrial Electrics are thrilled to be a part of this change alongside Energy Matters and LONGi Solar.

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Michael and Carlene from The Block

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Michael and Carlene Duffy

Michael and Carlene, previous 2014 ‘Blockheads’, have achieved some commendable milestones in the last seven years. After leaving The Block Glasshouse with only $10 000, the couple persevered with their passion for design and renovations. Since then, they have become hosts of their own television show Ready Set Reno and Open Homes Australia.

Industrial Electrics were grateful to work alongside the two individuals, installing solar panels on the Channel 9 television series Renovate or Rebuild. As the chosen installers for one of Michael and Carlene’s homes, we were able to assist in improving a Gold Coast family’s energy consumption levels, decreasing their electricity bills.

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Industrial Electrics, Energy Matters & LONGi Solar
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The key point of difference with Industrial Electrics is that we don’t just install solar systems nor rely heavily on the government incentives to exist in this industry.
We are a family-owned and operated and professional electrical contracting, communications and renewable energy company with over 15 years of professional experience servicing the needs of residents and business across South East Queensland and Northern NSW because we love what we do!
Therefore, our customers can be confident that we will be here for the long haul and always contactable with our local office support centre.
With our experience in solar design, energy efficiency and installations, we can advise on the latest technology, to match your energy usage and the outcome that you desire. Whether this is solar, battery storage, electrical vehicles. 
Our recommendations are furthermore, based on experience and knowledge in all things electrical. If you require assistance with solar, batteries, EV charging station, through to off-grid systems or simply any electrical work – we are a simple phone call away!
We have a range of quality products with product warranties that range from 12 years to 25 years and performance warranties of up to 25 years! All backed up with a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Gold Coast Residential Solar Panel Installation


Renovate or Rebuild 6.6kW Solar Panel Special

*single storey, tin roof, local to the Gold Coast. Additional charges may be applied if your details vary from these specifications.

Super Value Small Residential Solar system

6.6kW Installed from $3943*
LONGi Solar Panels and GoodWe Inverter

LONGi Solar is known as an innovative, forward-thinking company with a priority of sustainable development. Established in 2000, the company has been trusted for over two decades! LONGi Solar is committed to providing reliability, efficiency and setting industry standards.

The LONGi Solar Panels have high power modules, increasing cell efficiency and overall creates powerful system performance. You can expect to see a return on investment with your LONGi solar panels within your first power bill after installation.

exclusive renovate or rebuild premium deal

11.1kW Solar System Installed from $5915*
LONGi Solar Panels and GoodWe Inverter
limited stock available – Act Fast!

Investing in a more substantial sized solar system is a smart choice for those who have a family and/or use large household appliances. If this sounds like you, you are more likely to have more significant energy consumption levels and higher bills to pay.

The 11.1kW solar system gives you and your family more flexibility with how you use your energy. Additionally, you could add a battery to your solar system and receive up to $1500 cashback. The solar and battery duo will eliminate the need to compromise convenience for low-cost energy efficiency by using stored energy. In doing so, you will be using free, sustainable energy when your consumption levels are higher and solar energy production levels are lower.

11.1kW Renovate or Rebuild Exclusive Special

*single storey, tin roof, local to the Gold Coast. Additional charges may be applied if your details vary from these specifications.

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Renovate or Rebuild Team

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As a Renovate or Rebuild partner, Industrial Electrics is proud to support the aim to make every Aussie household more sustainable with renewable energy. While discussing the benefits of energy efficiency equipment behind the scenes with the Queensland Renovate or Rebuild teams, there was always a clear focus on customer savings and long term benefits. Industrial Electrics will assist your home improvements with consideration of budget, design and sustainability.

get access to government incentives to reduce your cost

Government support available

Small Australian households could receive a subsidy for residential solar, reducing amounts payable for electricity consumption.  This financial incentive will be taken off the original solar system costs, reducing your cost price even further.

Heavily reduce your environmental footprint by adding solar to your home. We will walk you through the entire process, informing and educating you, so you can make the best decision for your budget and circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Which renovations increase the value of a house?

Renovations are a great way to add value to your home. It is often costly and sometimes not viable to renovate the entire house. Therefore, it is a logical idea to renovate the most valued spaces first. So, how do you decide this? We suggest you ask yourself where you spend most of your time at home. Our top picks would be:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathroom
  3. Outdoor and Garden

These renovations will most certainly increase the value of your home as these three rooms are where individuals and families gather and spend a large portion of their time. Additionally, these spaces require functionality and should remain up to date with current trends.

Where to start with home renovations?

The best place to start when renovating is with a plan! Renovating requires an immense amount of time and can result in a lot of profit for the homeowner if done correctly.

After setting out your renovation goals, this is just the first step. Next will come property and land development, budget, materials, design, sustainability and paperwork all need to be discussed. Doing so will minimise potential mistakes that you may encounter.

Renovations will result in complications. You can not expect to resolve them all on your own. It is essential to do your research and create a schedule that aligns with you and your teams’ vision.

Why are renovations so expensive?

Costs involved in renovations can sometimes cost more than building a new home. When deciding to renovate, rebuild or relocate, money needs to be a point of consideration. Renovations can be expensive as they can require keeping some spaces and structural components while demolishing others.

Additionally, while we say planning is one of the most integral parts of renovations, there are still hiccups and extra costs that may not be expected and therefore budgeted. Combine this with overall maintenance and updates, plumbing and labour; the price of renovations continue to increase. 

What renovations are worth doing before selling?

If you are thinking of selling your home, renovations are worth considering to increase the value of your home. We suggest research, research and more research! Investigate what is currently trending or what homeowners are actively seeking.

For example, currently, the costs around electricity and energy bills are of concern to homeowners. A renovation that would be worthwhile before selling would be roof repairs and energy efficiency equipment. Installing solar and LED lighting will add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

how can solar energy be used responsibly and sustainably?

Solar energy and renewable energy is a responsible way for homeowners to be sustainable in their energy usage. Renewable energy is non-polluting and does not rely on exhaustible materials such as fossil fuels. Instead, solar uses the sun and natural energy to generate power and reduce electricity bills.

Installing solar panels allows a homeowner to become less reliant on the power grid and is an energy-conscious choice. Some environmental benefits would include reducing pollution, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing fossil fuel consumption and helping to prevent climate change.

Is solar worth it?

The question of whether or not solar is worth it will essentially come down to the homeowner. When assessing if solar is the right decision for you, tick off the following things.

Firstly, complete a home assessment, energy assessment and solar quote. Secondly, communicate with your potential solar provider 

a. What your energy bills average per quarter

b. What your budget is and when you use your most energy-consuming appliances. (Dishwasher, washing machines, hairdryers). 

Thirdly, review the government incentives and finance plans.

After reviewing these three things, you should understand why solar is worth it to reduce your power bill while helping to protect the environment.

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