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one goodwe and two jinko solar panels residential solar

Super Value IE Solar Special

6.6kW Installed from $4008*
Jinko Panels & GoodWe Inverter

Premium Solar For Home Owners

6.6kW REC Panels & SMA Inverter for $5490*
limited stock available – Act Fast!

one sma inverter and two rec solar panels installed by IE Solar


We ARe Industry Leaders

no up-front finance

$0 up-front

We're committed to helping Australian Households access renewable energy solutions.

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$1,850 Savings

Home Owners can save $1,850 per year on average.

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10,000 Installations

We've completed over 100 installations each year over the last decade.

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186,000 MW

Our Solar installations have added substantial power to the grid.

Finance Options For Residential Solar

Easy finance available from $0 Upfront

Purchasing solar can be made easy with available financing.

This will reduce your stress of up-front repayments and result in economic benefits for you through our “Buy Now Pay Later Scheme”.

We hope to make our customer’s purchasing process as easy as possible!

Our customer’s have our full support to ensure there is security and confidence with their valued investment.

Buy Now Pay Later Solar Panels

Sonnen and Hyundai Solar Power Panel and Inverter Solution

Affordable Residential Solar Gold Coast

Industrial Electrics Solar has set high-quality standards for the last 16 years across South East Queensland.  

With a long-standing team of professionals who can offer genuine advice as well as demonstrate real results, investing in premium Solar Power systems is now easier than ever before.

By having simple and easy solutions available, your buying process and finance options will be transparent. Start reducing your home energy bills today.

Check out some of the savings you could make with a residential solar instal and take advantage of the government incentives available now.

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10kWh & 8.14kW

  • 10kW Sonnen Battery
  • 22 x 370w Solar Panels
  • Sonnen 9.53 Hybrid Inverter
  • 15 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • $4088 Government Rebate

Manufactured in Australia.

15  year warranty. 25 year performance.

GoodWe Logo

7.77 kW

  • 21 x 370w Solar Panels
  • 15 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • GoodWe 6kW Inverter
  • $3905 Government Rebates

Manufactured in Australia.

15 year warranty. 25 year performance.

Redback Logo

14kWh & 13.3kW

  • Redback 14kWh Battery
  • 36 x 370w Solar Panels
  • Redback Sh-14kWh Inverter
  • 20 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • $6716 Government Rebates

Manufactured in China, Malaysia and the USA.

15 year warranty. 30 year performance.

How Will You Benefit Under the Government Renewable Energy Rebates?

Government Solar Incentives

Small Australian households could receive a subsidy for residential solar, reducing amounts payable for electricity consumption.  This financial incentive will be taken off the original solar system costs, reducing your cost price even further.

Heavily reduce your environmental footprint by adding solar to your home. We will walk you through the entire process, informing and educating you, so you can make the best decision for your budget and circumstances.

Solar Accredited Installer
CEC Approved Solar Retailer
SMA Power Up Energy Partner
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Free Quotes For Residential Solar

Residential Solar Installers Burleigh & Gold Coast

If you were already considering making the switch to renewable energy, now is the best time to take advantage of the government benefits and reduce your electricity costs while improving your home and preparing for the future.

With 16 years on the Gold Coast, IE will be here well into the future. We know from our 10 years installing residential solar that our relationship with you includes pre-installation design, installation and handover. We provide electrical services for both residential and commercial users including renewable energy solutions, electrical services and solar installations, maintenance services and upgrades. If you are in Northern NSW or on the Gold Coast, get in touch.


IE Solar Residential Services

Over 16 Years of Trusted & Highly Regarded Electrical Experience

Solar Panels Design & Installation

Considering solar panels for your residential property? Industrial Electrics have a decade of experience in providing personalised solar panel services across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern New South Wales and surrounding areas. We take care of the initial design, installation and set-up and provide communication and service throughout all stages of the project.

Home Energy Efficiency Audits

Ever thought about how much energy your home uses – and how that translates into money spent? With increasing electricity prices, homeowners are looking for ways to save on their bills. With an energy audit, you will know where most of your power is going and we can recommend ways to improve your energy efficiency, saving on future power expenses. By choosing an energy audit from IE Solar, you’ll know exactly what your power consumption looks like.

Solar Power Battery Storage

Having a solar panel system installed at your property provides valuable energy and cost savings during the day. To harness even more of the sun's power to use night, you’ll need a solar battery. We can safely and efficiently connect your solar panels to a storage system that will suit your needs. You can rely on our premium range to have a solution for your home's solar energy storage needs.

Home Solar Electrical Services

We are not just another solar sales company. With Industrial Electrics you are benefitting from our 16 years electrical industry experience. As a local, trusted and highly regarded electrical company our electricians can instal, repair, maintain, upgrade and audit residential electrical systems. We provide you with confidence by clearly communicating with you every step of the way.

Industrial Electrics
For All Residential Solar
& Renewable Energy Solutions

Home solar power services

Energy Audits
NABERS Audits and Installation
Line Carriers
Energy Saving Timers
Energy Movement Sensors
Electricity Tariff Selection
Power Factor Correction
Solar Panel Maintenance
Power Analysis and Data Logging
On-going Energy Monitoring
Energy Smart Metering
Lighting Efficiency Analysis
Energy Management Systems
Variable Speed Drives
Lighting Efficiency Upgrades

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Get in touch with our friendly team today by calling us on 1300 518 148 or you can visit our staff in person at U3/20 Dover Drive Burleigh Heads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Electrics Gold Coast Residential Solar

Does Solar Actually Minimise Electricity Bills?

After installing our solar, we have seen homeowners across Brisbane, the Gold Coast regions and those in Northern New South Wales close to eliminating their electricity bill entirely.  This does ultimately depend on power consumption levels and roof size. 

With our efficient solar panel system design and bill analysis, our team will be able to estimate your annual savings.

How Much Are Solar Panels?

When our customers first start looking at solar, the overall cost is very important.  The costs of solar panels do vary in price depending on the material used, the number of panels as well as system brands. 

For a quality solar + inverter + wifi set-up that produces efficient energy, after deducting the Government rebate, prices usually start between $4000 and $5000 for a small household system.

Do Solar Panels Need To Be Replaced Over Time?

Like anything, solar panels do need some repairs and maintenance over time to ensure safety as well as efficiency. IE Solar Panel Technicians are available to help with any issues you may experience. 

As we offer premium solar, we estimate that our solar panels will have 25-year quality performance, with a 15-year warranty.  After this time, we offer updates for older systems at a lower cost.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

We provide our customers with a user-friendly mobile app which allows you to track and monitor your power usage and power savings almost immediately. Queensland Solar Panels will operate very effectively where you have the correct design, placement and installation. 

Additionally, you will see results in your next electricity bill after installing our solar.

How Do You Estimate A Solar System Size That Is Appropriate For My Home?

Our team use the information you have submitted to estimate a system design and quote, specifically your roof type and number of phases. 

You will most likely have our team members request to see your most recent power bill as this can provide insight into your energy consumption levels and therefore how large of a system you may require.

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

As we have an extremely proactive team, once the agreed-upon deposit has been paid our solar professionals can begin installing a system within the week (excluding Christmas time). 

The solar power system is often installed in a single day, or on occasion sometimes requiring two days if it is a large system or if it is being installed as part of a multi-residential system.

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Our Customers Save $1850*

Average Annual Residential Savings Per Year.

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10,000 Installations Completed

We Instal An Average Of 100 Residential Solar Power Systems Per Week.

10 Yrs Solar Experience

Installing Solar Panels, Batteries & Smart Energy Solutions.

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