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6.6kW Installed From $4008*

Upgrade to 11.2kw for $6080

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Solar Solutions | Residential and Commercial

Solar installations south east qld & northern nsw

At IE Solar, we have the ability to make the old new again! Do you think your system is in need of an update? Make the most of our simple and easy solutions available. We can conduct a free energy efficiency audit to analyse the performance of your system.


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Premium Deal

The $3280 Government Rebate Will Pay For Half
Your Costs Before The Incentive Reduction
Goodwe Inverter and Canadian Solar Panels

6.6kW Solar System
Only $20 per Week

Our 6.6kW system is a premium combination, supported by Canadian Solar and Goodwe Inverter.  If you purchase before the 2021 Government Rebate Reduction, you could have almost half of your system paid for with the $3280 incentive!

We offer a free quote, design, and bill analysis.  With these prices, you could have an annual saving of $2500.

You will receive…

18 x 330w Solar Panels

15 Year Panel Warranty and 10 Year Inverter Warranty

Goodwe 5kW Inverter

$3200 Government Rebate

SMA Inverter

Gold Coast Solar Panels

Burleigh Heads
$ 0 Up-Front Finances
  • $0 interest payment plans and low rate loan terms
  • Minimum 10 year inverter warranty
  • Up to 25 year panel warranty

Residential Solar

Offering the highest quality solar, attractive system design and the best sun power possible with a high return on investment.

commercial solar

Commercial Solar

Valued return on investment at 38% up.  Businesses and large scale properties can expect a total return of over 600%, showing growing savings to your bottom line.

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Battery Storage

Our customers can expect a return on investment with battery and storage in under five and a half years – just ask us how!

Battery and Repairs

Repairs & Maintenance

Our professional electricians and installers have the capability to repair, install and maintain both residential and commercial solar systems.

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Bill Analysis

Ever feel like your electricity bill is too high? We can provide a free bill analysis and energy audit so you have a better understanding of your energy consumption levels.

power chord and sun

Solar Panel Design & Quote

IE Solar uses satellite imaging to provide an accurate system design and quote for your home and/or business.

Enquire Today

Available 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Enquire with us and you will receive a free quote within 24 hours.

Simple and Easy Solutions Available

"I would highly recommend Industrial Electrics to anyone. Very competitive in price, great service and a quality install."

Canadian Solar Enquiry
Goodwe Solar

HiDM High Density MONO PERC module

6.6 kW

  • 20 x 330w Solar Panels
  • 15 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • Goodwe 5kW Inverter
  • $3200 Government Rebate

Engineered in Canada

15  year warranty. 25 year performance.

Trina Solar Enquiry
SMA Solar Enquiry

370W Honey

11.1 kW

  • 30 x 370w Solar Panels
  • 12 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • SMA 10kW 3 phase German Inverter
  • $5500 Government Rebates

20.7% Maximum Efficiency.  High Power Mono Perc.

12 year warranty. 25 year performance.

REC Solar Enquiry
SMA Solar Enquiry

REC 325W N-PEAK Black Panel Frame

15.6 kW

  • 48 x 325w Solar Panels
  • 25 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • SMA 15KW 3 phase German Inverter
  • $7740 Government Rebates

Manufactured in Singapore.

25 year warranty. 25 year performance.

Our Installation Process

Recently one of our customers Shane Murphy installed a premium SMA combination 6kW Inverter with a 10-year warranty, 24 by 330 Watt Canadian Solar Panel.  With a government rebate applied of $4320, Shane and our solar specialist Steve discuss the purchasing process.  As you will see, our simple and easy solutions are tailored to each individual and each unique roof.

“Buy cheap, buy twice.” 

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15 years in business

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Australian owned family business

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10 years installing solar

solar panels
commercial solar intallation
household solar installation
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Accredited Solar Installer

Accredited by the Clean Energy Council


Quality Systems

Accredited by the Solar Energy Council


SMA solar

SMA PowerUp Partner

Accredited in 2020 SMA PowerUP Partner 

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Australian backed warranty

Accredited by the Solar Energy Council

IE Solar

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Solar Actually Minimise Electricity Bills?

After installing our solar, we have seen business owners and homeowners close to eliminating their electricity bill entirely.  This does ultimately depend on power consumption levels and roof size.  With our efficient system design and bill analysis, our team will be able to estimate your annual savings.

How Much are solar panels?

When our customers first start looking at solar, the overall cost is very important.  The costs of solar panels do vary in price depending on the material used, the number of panels as well as system brands.  For a quality system that produces efficient energy, after deducting the Government rebate, prices usually start between $4000 and $5000 for a small household system.

Do Solar Panels need to be replaced overtime?

Like anything, solar panels do need some repairs and maintenance over time to ensure safety as well as efficiency.  As we offer premium solar, we estimate that our solar panels will have 25-year quality performance, with a 15-year warranty.  After this time, we offer updates for older systems at a lower cost.

how long does it take to see results?

We provide our customers with a user-friendly mobile app which allows you to track and monitor your power usage and power savings almost immediately.  Additionally, you will see results in your next electricity bill after installing our solar.

what are the up-front fees for purchasing solar?

Depending on what finance plans our customers choose, it is possible to have $0 up-front fees and $0 interest payment plans.  These rates will depend on the finance provider chosen as well as term plan is chosen.  Our team can assist you with your decision to ensure it is best suited to your needs.

How long does it take to install solar?

As we have an extremely proactive team, once the agreed-upon deposit has been paid our solar professionals can begin installing a system as soon as the week of (excluding Christmas time).  The solar system is often installed in a single day, sometimes requiring two days if it is a large or commercial system.

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