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Residential & Commercial Solar with $0 Up-Front, Finance Loans & Govt Incentives Available.

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Simple and easy solutions for australian homes

The way in which we source and use energy is changing worldwide. That’s why Industrial Electrics has partnered with leading-edge technology manufacturers to implement renewable energy solutions.  For both commercial and residential. Known for being the smarter choice, Industrial Electric’s long-standing reputation and leadership in Gold Coast electrics, communications, and renewable installation create a simple way to reduce your energy bills. As an Australian business near you, we commit to providing value in sustainable energy across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

At IE Solar, we have the ability to make the old new again! Do you think your system is in need of an update? Make the most of our simple and easy solutions available. We can conduct a free energy efficiency audit to analyse the performance of your system.


Residential Solar

Offering the highest quality solar, attractive system design and the best sun power possible with a high return on investment.

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Battery Storage

Our customers can expect a return on investment with battery and storage in under five and a half years – just ask us how!

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Commercial Solar

Valued return on investment at 38% up.  Businesses and large scale properties can expect a total return of over 600%, showing growing savings to your bottom line.

Battery and Repairs

Repairs & Maintenance

Our professional electricians and installers have the capability to repair, install and maintain both residential and commercial solar systems.

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Bill Analysis

Ever feel like your electricity bill is too high? We can provide a free bill analysis and energy audit so you have a better understanding of your energy consumption levels.

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Solar Panel Design & Quote

IE Solar uses satellite imaging to provide an accurate system design and quote for your home and/or business.

East Coast Energy Accreditations

Accredited Installer Solar Enquiry
Clean Energy Solar Enquiry
Smart Energy Council Solar Enquiry
SMA Power Up

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Get in touch with our friendly team today by calling us on 1300 518 148 or you can visit our staff in person at U3/20 Dover Drive Burleigh Heads.

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Customer Testimonials

What people say?

We are very pleased that we went with Industrial Electrics for our solar panels. We chose them after reviewing a few different companies and IE reviews were all excellent and good value. Tony was the person we mainly dealt with and Stacey was excellent first impressions person who directed our calls and was very informative and friendly. Tony was most helpful and both he and Stacey were patient with all our questions which was very reassuring. We have no hesitation in recommending Industrial Electrics when purchasing solar panels. When hearing stories about solar panel companies going out of business and leaving clients stranded, we are so glad we chose a business that has been handling specialised electrical work since 2006 as well as solar panels. Very reassuring.
Therese D
5 Star Rating
I just want to take the time to say thanks to Industrial Electrics - Burleigh Heads Qld. What a nice experience from the first meeting getting our quote till after the complete installation of our solar system on our home they were professional, efficient, courteous and got the job done leaving our home neat and tidy once it was completed with a very competitive price. I would definitely recommend them. Our solar system has made a massive difference to our electricity bills. thanks guys for doing a fantastic job, you're a breath of fresh air to deal with.
Mish P
5 Star Rating

Simple and Easy Solutions Available

Goodwe Solar

Australian Backed and Owned

6.66 kW

  • 18 x 370w Solar Panels
  • 15 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • Goodwe 5kW Inverter
  • $3200 Government Rebate

Engineered in Canada

15  year warranty. 25 year performance.

Sungrow Logo

370W Tiger N-Type

11.1 kW

  • 30 x 370w Solar Panels
  • 20 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • Sungrow 10kW 3 phase German Inverter
  • $5500 Government Rebates

20.7% Maximum Efficiency.  High Power Mono Perc.

12 year warranty. 25 year performance.

REC Solar Enquiry
SMA Solar Enquiry


15.84 kW

  • 48 x 330w Solar Panels
  • 25 year panel warranty 10 year inverter
  • SMA 15KW 3 phase German Inverter
  • $7740 Government Rebates

Manufactured in Singapore.

25 year warranty. 25 year performance.

Solar Installers Near You

Australian households and businesses may be eligible for our ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ scheme, allowing you to finance your solar panels from $0 down. 

The available incentives will mean your solar can be installed without any money out of pocket.

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Accredited Solar Installer

Accredited by the Clean Energy Council


Quality Systems

Accredited by the Solar Energy Council


SMA solar

SMA PowerUp Partner

Accredited in 2020 SMA PowerUP Partner 

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Australian backed warranty

Accredited by the Solar Energy Council

Solar System Experts Gold Coast

Using solar-powered energy in Australia is becoming the preferred source of energy. An increase in solar system installations for business owners and homeowners has consequently increased solar myths and mistruths!

One of the most frequent solar myths we hear is, ‘I have a solar system but my electricity bill is still high. My solar doesn’t work.’

If your solar system is not meeting your energy needs it could be because of several different reasons. The top two reasons being too much nearby shading or an incorrectly sized solar system for your home

Does this sound like you? Get in touch with us today.

Finance Options For Residential Solar

Premium Deal
6.6kW Solar System
Only $20 per week

Our 6.6kW system is a premium combination, supported by Powerwave Solar and Goodwe Inverter

If you purchase before the 2021 Government Rebate Reduction,

you could have almost half of your system paid for with the $3200 incentive!

We offer a free quote, design, and bill analysis. 

With these prices, you could have an annual saving of $2500.

You will receive…

18 x 370w Solar Panels

15 Year Panel Warranty and 10 Year Inverter Warranty

Goodwe 5kW Inverter

$3200 Government Rebate

The $3280 Government Rebate Will Pay For Half 
Your Costs Before The Incentive Reduction

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16 years in business

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Australian owned family business

solar and sun

10 years installing solar

Gold Coast Solar Panels

South East QLD
$ 0 Up-Front Finances
  • $0 interest payment plans and low rate loan terms
  • Minimum 10 year inverter warranty
  • Up to 25 year panel warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

IE Solar Queensland

Does Solar Actually Minimise Electricity Bills?

After installing solar, our business customers across Brisbane, the Gold Coast regions and those in Northern New South Wales report dramatic savings.  This does ultimately depend on power consumption levels and roof size. 

With our efficient solar panel system design and bill analysis, our team will be able to estimate your annual savings.

Get in touch with our team and we can give you an estimate today.

How Much are solar panels?

The cost of solar panels will vary depending on factors such as manufacturer, material used, system size, inverter chosen, location of installation – eg a single storey home or triple storey home.

So to keep it simple,  for a quality solar + inverter + wifi set-up that produces efficient energy, after deducting the Government rebate, prices usually start between $4000 and $5000 for a small commercial system. Businesses are entitled to a raft of varying Government incentives and tax write-offs.

Do Solar Panels need to be replaced overtime?

Like anything, solar panels require maintenance. So over the lifespan of your system you will want to check the efficiency of your system and see to any  repairs and maintenance to ensure safety as well as efficiency. IE Solar Panel Technicians are available to help with any issues you may experience over the life of your system. 

As we offer premium solar, we estimate that our solar panels will have 25-year quality performance, with a 15-year warranty.  After this time, we offer updates for older systems at a lower cost.

how long does it take to see results?

We provide our customers with a user-friendly mobile app which allows you to track and monitor your power usage and power savings.  Queensland Solar Panels will operate very effectively where you have the correct design, placement and installation. 

Additionally, you will see results in the next electricity bill after installing our solar.

what are the up-front fees for purchasing solar?

Depending on what finance plans our customers choose, it is possible to have $0 up-front fees and $0 interest payment plans.  These rates will depend on the finance provider chosen as well as term plan is chosen.  Our team can assist you with your decision to ensure it is best suited to your needs.

How long does it take to install solar?

As we have an extremely proactive team, once the agreed-upon deposit has been paid our solar professionals can begin installing a system as soon as the week of (excluding Christmas time).  The solar system is often installed in a single day, sometimes requiring two days if it is a large or commercial system.

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