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Solar inverter wi-fi connection

Are you having problems setting up your monitoring system?  For your convenience, below you will find instructions on how to connect your Wi-Fi to our available inverters.  For any additional assistance, we recommend contacting your solar app support line.


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Please navigate to the button below to launch GoodWe 

Goodwe Preparation


Power Wi-Fi inverter on


If you are configuring Wi-Fi inverter, make sure the yellow led on front cover is blinking


Power Wi-Fi router on


Search for the keyword “SEMS Portal” from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, download and install the latest version of the monitoring software for free


As the app keeps updating always, please visit the latest version guide doc 

Goodwe instructions

  1. Click ‘Wi-Fi’ Configuration’ on the login page
  2. Or click the third one in the tab bar
  3. Power on the inverter, then click ‘next’
  4. Click ‘go into WLAN setting interface’
  5. Connect to solar-Wi-Fi (password: 12345678) back to App
  6. Click ‘Next’
  7. Select your Wi-Fi network
  8. Enter the password, then click ‘Set’
    If you want to set a specific IP to the inverter, switch off DHCP and manually input the IP address, etc.
  9. Read the hint before click ‘ok’
  10. If it fails, you can ‘Reconfigure’ or view ‘Configuration help’
  11. Follow up the instructions and try again


Please navigate to the button below to launch SMA

sma Preparation


Bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop with Ethernet patch cable along to the site, or,


  1. Have Wi-Fi within distance to your smartphone, tablet or laptop


  1. Take a picture of the serial number, PIC and RID

sma instructions

  1. Connect to the inverter
    Via Wi-Fi
    Via Ethernet cable using your laptop
  2. Log in to the inverter interface
  3. Once you have connected to the inverter via Wi-Fi or with a cable, go to your internet browser and type in the default IP address into the address bar according to the image below. This will log you into the Sunny Boy’s web user interface. To perform the initial configuration, you must log in as ‘Installer’ by changing the User Group dropdown. The first time you log in, it will ask you to create a password, so make sure you keep the password in your records. The password will be used to register the inverter in Sunny Portal.
  1. Network configuration to a local wireless router
    1. Once logged in, you will have the option to set up the inverter using the ‘Installation Assistant’.
    2. If the “Configuration with Installation Assistant” does not appear, it can be selected from the symbol in the top right-hand corner of the interface shown below.
    3. To synchronise the inverter to your local wireless network, select the “WLAN” tab and search for the local wireless network the inverter is connected to. Select that wireless network’s “Settings” icon.
    4. If the wireless network has a password, enter it in the area shown and then click “Connect to WLAN”
  2. Click save and next


Please navigate to the button below to launch Sungrow 

sungrow Preparation


For the Wi-Fi modules (WiFi-V21 and WiFi-V22), please follow the below processes.


For Wi-Fi modules (WiFi-V24) and eShow (built-in Wi-Fi), customers must use smart photos to set up and then access the web monitoring.  Please use the link provided below for instructions.

sungrow instructions

  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi dongle is plugged in
  2. Connect to the SG- Wi-Fi network
  3. Go to on a web browser
  4. Connect to your home router on that page under the WLAN configuration. Enter the key/password for the router. Check to see that there is a tick next to the router by refreshing the page. If using an inverter with an LCD, check to see if the Wi-Fi icon changes from flashing to solid and if a B icon appears next to it a few minutes later. The data should upload after that, usually within 5 minutes
  5. Create an account on SolarInfoBank.com and login


Please navigate to the button below to launch Delta

delta instructions

  1. Go to the IOS or Google Play store and download the ‘My Delta Solar’ App
  2. Turn off mobile data and connect the phone to the Wi-Fi internet connection closest to the inverter
  3. Launch the app and type your details to sign in
  4. Press ‘New Plant’. This will be treated as a new installation at a site, multiple inverters can be added to this site.  Fill in a plant name, select Australia as a country and press the ‘GET’ button for location.  Then press ‘SET’.
  5. Press ‘OK’ and your screen will swap to the Wi-Fi screen. Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi of the inverter using the default password: DELTASOL. Then return to the App (use the return button at the bottom of the phone on Android devices)
    1. Wi-Fi name: DELTA-SN
    2. Password: DELTASOL
  6. After pressing the back button, please select the appropriate grid code for your area and press ‘SET’
  7. Read the terms and conditions, scroll down and press the tick box to agree. Press ‘OK’
  8. Press ‘Set’ to change the inverter password to your cloud account password. (Inverter Wi-Fi password is no longer DELTASOL)
  9. Press the “Scan” button and wait for the scan to complete
  10. Select the Wi-Fi signal to connect your inverter to. (-60dbm is a good signal and -70dbm is a weak signal, make sure you are connecting to a good signal) If there are no suitable Wi-Fi connections, consider moving the router closer or using a Wi-Fi extender. Inverter information such as production can be viewed in a point-to-point mode without the internet. If the Wi-Fi strength is too weak (weaker than ~-70dbm) the App will still attempt connection, the outcome will be displayed in a message popup box. Select the Wi-Fi Connection and type in the Wi-Fi password then press “Connect”.
  11. Press ok and Disconnect your phone from the inverter Wi-Fi and Connect your mobile Wi-Fi back to the home internet and await the below message. When successful you can now log in and monitor your inverter power production online


Please navigate to the button below to launch Growatt 

growatt instructions

Before setup, please make sure the customer’s home modem/router is working at 2.4GHz. If you are unsure about whether the modem/router is working at 2.4GHz or 5GHz, please confirm with the internet provider first.

 Please view the available link for all picture references.

  1. If the dongle has an RS232 communication port, please find its LED indicator, reset button and barcode as pictures shown below and go to step 3. If the dongle has a USB communication port, please go to step 2.
  2. If the dongle has a USB communication port, please find its LED indicator, QR code and reset button as pictures shown below.
  3. If the colour of the LED indicator is either green or red, please short push the reset button to make it become solid blue; if the light is solid blue, please move on to the next step.
  4. Open the Wi-Fi setting on the smartphone and choose the Wi-Fi network generated by the Wi-Fi dongle. The network name is the same as the serial number of the Wi-Fi dongle
  5. Open a web browser on your phone such as Safari or Chrome, input in the address bar and visit it. On the welcome page, enter admin as the username and 12345678 as the password and log in.
  6. Find and click on Wireless Router Setting from the toolbar on the left side of the page
  7. On the right side of the page, please choose Manual in terms of WiFi Mode, manually input the home WiFi name and password in WiFi Name Input and WiFi Password boxes respectively and click Apply. Please note they are case sensitive.
  8. Click on Restart Immediately
  9. Check the colour of the LED indicator on the Wi-Fi dongle. If it is flashing blue, that means the inverter has been successfully connected to the home WiFi network.
  10. Follow the quick installation guide coming with the Wi-Fi dongle to register a ShinePhone account and to scan the QR code to add the dongle to the account.
IE Solar

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my monitoring system been disconnected?

There are a number of reasons why your monitoring system may have been disconnected.  These reasons could include password updates, manual disconnection, router upgrades or power usage disruptions.

is it free to have my monitoring system set up?

Here at IE Solar, the initial set up is complimentary and is included in the installation costs.  Any additional call outs for monitoring and/or Wi-Fi issues may incur a small fee.

What do i do if i can't connect my monitoring system?

Please read the instructions provided on this page in detail, and open the necessary instructions or connection guides supplied.  If you are still having problems connecting your monitoring system you can contact our team or your monitoring provider directly.

how long does it take to set up monitoring?

The initial set up of your monitoring provided by IE Solar may take between 10 minutes to up to half an hour depending on the initial connections that need to be made and to consider any problems that may occur.

Didn’t answer your question? Contact us.