top five solar myths debunked

Solar Myths and Mistruths

Using solar-powered energy in Australia is becoming the preferred source of energy. A Research Report for the Australia Institute showed that 68% of participants ‘support State Governments putting in place incentives for renewable energy,’ and 74% of Aussies concerned about climate change. An increase in solar system installations for commercial and residential businesses and homeowners has consequently increased solar myths and mistruths! Today we will debunk just five of many popular solar myths. Continue reading to right some wrongs!

Commercial Solar Installation

Myth #1: "I have a solar system but my electricity bill is still high. My solar doesn't work."

If your solar system is not meeting your energy needs it could be because of several different reasons. The top two reasons being too much nearby shading or an incorrectly sized solar system for your home.

The performance of your solar system should be checked daily through your inverter and wi-fi connection. We would also suggest you have an energy bill analysis, where your solar provider can investigate whether or not your system is performing as it should. Additionally, any nearby shading may impact the performance of your system. For this reason, it is essential to be mindful of surrounding trees that could have grown since your installation.

Myth #2: "Solar panels don't work when it is overcast."

False. While solar energy generation decreases on a cloudy day, solar panels can still produce energy with minimal sunlight.

On overcast and rainy winter days, solar panels do create less energy. Nevertheless, electricity is generated so long as there is still some sunlight.

Myth #3: "Solar panels don't pay themselves back."

False. With the available Government incentives and schemes, the cost of a new solar system can be reduced by up to 50%. With these programs and the savings from your electricity bill, your solar system WILL pay itself off.

Myth #4: "Solar is only worth it if you are home during the day."

False. While we recommend using your largest appliances during the day when the sun is shining, the energy produced from your solar system will save you money for daytime and nighttime electricity usage. Especially for those who have a home battery storage system!

Myth #5: "Solar panels will work during a power outage."

During a blackout and when living on the grid, your solar system will also shut off. The grid system goes out for the safety of electricians and as a result, all grid-powered electricity shuts off.

In order to have backup power, we recommend installing a home battery storage such as the Sonnen Hybrid 9.53 storage system.



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