Elanora WWTP – NPTA Gold Coast City Upgrade

The Gold Coast City Upgrade project involved the mechanical and electrical installation of a new PTA (Preliminary Treatment Area) at the Elanora waste water treatment plant.

The mechanical and civil works are being completed by UGL and Industrial Electrics are completing the electrical portion.

Electrical Milestones

Gold Coast City Upgrade Process
– The completion of the electrical switch room install.

– Effective completion of the Odour control facility.

– Quality completion of the Lime dosing Facility.

The hardest thing about the project is the“moulding”of new plant into the old plant which is nearly 40 years old. As technology over the years has increased, trying to get the old plant to respond to the new initiative is somewhat of a challenge and has taken a lot of thought and experience of the current I.E staff on site.

The current status of the project electrically is that we are implementing the new stand by the generator within the week and are hopefully going to have the NPTA cut into the old plant ready for online commissioning within the next 2. These 2 things with a few lighting and power circuits should have us finished this project within 3 weeks.

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