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Our experienced electricians in commercial projects specialise in complete building installations for multi-storey or multi-unit sites. We also provide alterations and upgrades to the commercial sector, designed to rollout with little or no disruption of normal business operations.

Industrial Electrics is extremely experienced in providing high-quality electrical services in all facets of electrical installations and maintenance, in South East QLD and Northern NSW.

Our maintenance team support our clients with the utmost speed, efficiency and flexibility. We ensure our commercial services and project solutions are delivered with Industrial Electric’s well known consistent outcomes.


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Experienced Electricians Commercial Projects Maintenance service

Our maintenance team supports our clients with the utmost speed, efficiency and flexibility. Our customised commercial services and solutions are delivered with a consistent focus upon excellent client outcomes for which Industrial Electrics is renowned.  This is as our experienced electricians have a wealth of knowledge and experience with commercial projects.

classroom lighting install completed
The Market Room exterior
College outdoor night lit lighting maintenance
arcadia college orange room with lights on
arcadia college building outdoor lighting
Commercial Energy and Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on my electrical bill?

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner; having an energy monitoring system installed, is the first step to saving money on your electrical bill. Our monitors help you understand your energy usage and teach you how to manage your power use; overall saving you a great deal of money.

To learn more about installing an energy monitoring system, contact us for more information.

When should I have my smoke detector checked?

It is a legal requirement to test and clean each smoke alarm in a dwelling at least once every 12 months. QFES also recommends that smoke alarms are tested once a month.

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, following these instructions ensures best practice, and can offer greater fire safety awareness.

Do I need RCD, safety switch protection?

Yes! Safety switches have been a safety regulatory requirement since 1992 in Queensland; and can only be installed by a licensed electrical contractor. Not having a safety switch or installing it yourself is deemed illegal.

If you require RCD switch protection, or require reputable advice, contact us; or visit www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/safetyswitches/frequently-asked-questions

Does Industrial Electrics have hazardous area contractors?

Industrial Electrics prides itself on having a team of highly experienced staff members for hazardous area installations, and maintenance. Regardless if it’s an installation or maintenance task, we follow the upmost safety requirements; consistently following regulatory requirements across all projects.

Are Industrial Electrics approved communications installers for QLD Education?

Industrial Electrics are in fact, approved communication installers for QLD Education.

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