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Solar Reviews and Testimonials Queensland

Recently we met up with our customer Stephen who had a 9.25kW residential system installed in his Burleigh Heads home. On a Facebook review, Stephen wrote:

“Really simple process after I made my first enquiry. The sales team, installers and office staff were all friendly and super professional. I highly recommend Industrial Electrics for their knowledge and professional advice.”

Keep watching to hear what else Stephen has to say about his solar installation process.

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Personalised Designs & Solar Solutions

Industrial Electrics creates personalised solar system designs to suit your unique needs. Our solar experts make informed decisions that will best suit your home or business requirements.

16 years of experience

With 16 years in business and over a decade of installing solar, Industrial Electrics, with a team of 55 qualified tradesmen, can be trusted as a reputable electrical, communications and renewable energy company.

Workmanship Warranty

Our solar panel warranty is up to 25 years, with an additional 25 years performance warranty. You can trust in our quality and commitment.


Free solar quote & consultation

Industrial Electrics cares about supporting you from the first point of contact, all the way through to your solar installation. For this reason, we offer a free solar quote and consultation.

easy solar finance options

IE Solar provides you with simple finance options to help you start saving with solar. This allows you to get started with no upfront payment and almost immediate bill reductions.

Industry leading technology

We have access to industry leading technology, allowing us to estimate your energy consumption levels and ROI.

Customer Testimonials

What people say?

After navigating through the minefield of solar companies and being bombarded with many telesales teams trying to sell me ‘the cheapest system’ on the market. Industrial electrics (Vaughan and Tony) really helped educate on the realistic returns and benefits to each system provides. Providing a comprehensive proposal and thorough process from start to finish, It really made the decision a far easier one. I’ve always believed in you get what you pay for and solar is no different. I’d recommend Industrial electrics to anyone wanting to understand the system better. I had a goal in mind and they were very helpful in advising and allowing us achieve it.
Ryan P
5 Star Rating
Just wanted to thank Tony and the guys at Industrial Electrics. They were informative and professional from day one. I was looking for a Solar Company that would explain and simplify the whole solar process that I understood, they offered me multiple packages to suit our specific requirements and needs. The installation guys arrived and within a few hours we were up and running. We are so happy with our Solar electricity and can't believe our reduced electricity bill! If you're looking for solar, I would definitely recommend Tony and his team.
Nicola S
5 Star Rating
Customer Testimonials

What people say?

We had Solar installed recently with IE. I had discussed our requirements with Craig and was pleasantly surprised with the price he quoted for a pretty large system. Better than any other quote we got Tony took over with his boys. All very pleasant, and Tony was always available on the end of the phone, with any questions we had. Would highly recommend. Very professional, and honest with pricing. Great after service too.
Industrial Electrics are a very professional outfit. They communicated their processes before , during and after the installation of our solar panel system to ensure we achieved the best outcome. The installers were very pleasant and carried out the installation efficiently with little disruptions. We are now reaping the benefits of the installation. Great reputable company to deal with. Thanks guys.
Customer Testimonials

What people say?

I would highly recommend Industrial Electrics to anyone. Very competitive in price, great service and a quality install.
Amazing service, the guys helped me pick and choose the correct solar panels for my house without any sales fluff. Looking forward to seeing my first savings come through!
Customer Testimonials

What people say?

The process was really easy & straightforward, their upfront about what was possible and realistic given our roof's orientation and our overall energy requirements. Installation team were great, friendly and informative. I highly recommend them to anyone after solar panels.
I just want to take the time to say thanks to Industrial Electrics - Burleigh Heads Qld. What a nice experience from the first meeting getting our quote till after the complete installation of our solar system on our home they were professional, efficient, courteous and got the job done leaving our home neat and tidy once it was completed with a very competitive price. I would definitely recommend them. Our solar system has made a massive difference to our electricity bills. thanks guys for doing a fantastic job your a breath of fresh air to deal with. Regards Mish
Customer Testimonials

What people say?

These guys have been amazing, for the one day they were at our house, felt like family. Very trustworthy and tidy. And the follow ups have been continuous. Thanks IE.
Installing solar on our home in the Gold Coast was one of the best decisions we have made. It looks so good on our roof and we are already starting to see the benefits! It is a very efficient team. Thanks IE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Electrics Gold Coast Solar

What is the best solar panel company to go with?

When deciding which solar company and installer to choose, it is valuable to do some research. Some basic investigation into various solar retailers should give you a good idea of how trustworthy they are. Key details to note are years in business, accreditation and customer reviews.

After sending an enquiry, you will hear from an efficient team generally within 24 to 48 hours. Customer service is also a good reflection of a company.

How long does it take to see results from solar panels?

We provide our customers with a user-friendly mobile app which allows you to track and monitor your power usage and power savings almost immediately. Queensland Solar Panels will operate very effectively where you have the correct design, placement and installation. 

Additionally, you will see results in your next electricity bill after installing our solar.

Why is my electric bill so high with solar panels?

If your solar system is not meeting your energy needs it could be because of several different reasons. The top two reasons being too much nearby shading or an incorrectly sized solar system for your home.

The performance of your solar system should be checked daily through your inverter and wi-fi connection. We would also suggest you have an energy bill analysis, where your solar provider can investigate whether or not your system is performing as it should. Additionally, any nearby shading may impact the performance of your system. For this reason, it is essential to be mindful of surrounding trees that could have grown since your installation.

Does solar really pay off?

With the available federal government rebate, finance options and a high-quality system, solar does pay itself off. The government incentives can almost halve the price of your solar system. Additionally, financing your solar system means you can calculate your repayments to ensure the solar panels pay themselves off for you, creating a high return on investment.

Solar systems vary in price, and simultaneously, quality. The ‘cheap’ solar systems advertised at a high volume often are more expensive long term due to the low performance. We recommend purchasing a higher quality system. This way, your solar will pay itself off with the energy produced for your home or business.

Do You Really Save Money With Solar Panels?

Solar panels create a great return on investment allowing you to save up to thousands of dollars per year! As one of the main purposes of solar is to reduce or completely eliminate electricity bills, it is expected to see a return on your investment.

In order to achieve maximum savings, it is valuable to have a solar system designed to suit your energy needs. Researching and planning are two critical aspects to consider before purchasing solar. Industrial Electrics are here to help you design the perfect system that will are tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Is solar really worth getting?

After installing our solar, we have seen homeowners across Brisbane, the Gold Coast regions and those in Northern New South Wales close to eliminating their electricity bill entirely. This does ultimately depend on power consumption levels and roof size.

If you’re looking at getting solar to reduce your bill, it is a great choice. It is also a sustainable decision that generates clean energy for your home or business. Industrial Electrics will estimate your return on investment to calculate just how much solar is worth for you.

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