Is The Tesla Solar Roof Worth It?

What Is The tesla solar roof?

The Tesla Roof was announced in 2016 to replace residential roofing with solar panel tiles, combined with a battery storage system. Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, is known for his forward-thinking focus on engineering, technology and solar energy products. When launching The Tesla Roof, Musk stated the roof would prove to look as good as, if not better than, conventional designs. The purpose was also, of course, to encourage homeowners to invest in renewable energy. As a result, this should reduce the cost of electricity using photovoltaic technology. Now, almost five years later, has the product lived up to the hype?

Tesla powered residential home

A Brief history of the tesla solar roof

Since 2016, the Solar Roof project has encountered some major barriers. Perhaps as a result of underestimating demand, as well as structural complications of residential roofs. Complaints began to increase due to an inability to install the solar roof for eager customers, who had already paid a holding deposit. Additionally, some customers had their original quotes doubled or tripled as certain roof types created expensive complications for installers and for the roof itself. Among these setbacks were also investigations into Tesla ‘driverless‘ car crashes, putting the business negatively in the public eye. This pressure required product improvements to be made to fulfil the initial goal set out in 2016.

Tesla Solar Roof Product Improvements

With product improvements, consequently, came increased prices. In 2019, Tesla released the new and improved Tesla Solarglass Roof Tiles. The new Solar Roof V3 is said to be ‘three times stronger than standard roofing tiles‘, durable against tough weather conditions. Additionally, there is a 25-year tile, weatherization and power warranty. This is alongside the powerwall backup protection which provides energy to your home even through power outages. Although, despite these quality warranties, the Tesla website says, ‘All warranties and ratings apply to the United States only’, notwithstanding installations beginning as soon as this month in Australia. 

Is it worth the cost?

With costs extending up to $75 000, or possibly more, it is difficult to see the value return on investment. Particularly, when we can see that the Tesla solar roof is far more costly than a conventional roof replacement with a new solar panel installation. Therefore, from a financial and energy-saving perspective, it would be more beneficial for the customer to purchase a more traditional roof replacement and solar installation. 

When deciding to invest in renewable energy and solar panels it is important to consider cost, quality, and your payback and return over time. Ask yourself, how long will it take for this investment to be profitable? We always suggest customers get multiple quotes from local installers before committing to ordering solar panels. Often price, quality and customer service varies from business to business. It is valuable to choose an installer who can prioritise your needs in terms of time, budget and energy consumption levels. 



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