Making the Move to Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

With technology being a dominating element of the 21st century, it is valuable to use these capabilities to our benefit and the benefit of our future.  Electric vehicles (EV) not only offer solutions for energy efficiency within motor vehicles but also provide a sustainable way of travel.

So Why Make The Swap?

While yes, electric vehicles do have a higher cost price, in but long term the overall running costs are much lower.  By using the EV charging solutions available for business and home, you can charge, or ‘fill-up’, your car in your own time!  According to AGL Discover, a full charge generally will cost between $22 and $32 depending on whether you are using a charging station at home or petrol stations, and this is even lower if you are using solar.  Considering the average fuel consumption for passenger vehicles is approximately $50, you can see the cost benefits.

Electric Vehicle Australia
What Is The Real Difference Between Petrol and Electric?

Electric Vehicle performance and availability in Australia is on the rise for 2021. Once moving past the initial upfront costs, you will come to see that these vehicles begin to pay for themselves with less spending for registration, charging in comparison to fuel, convenience, lower maintenance, extra security as well as being eco friendly.

As an RACV report shows, EV provides benefits for economic growth, enhancing government revenue by replacing ‘an internal combustion engine vehicle’.  This same report estimated an $8763 net income within ten years from EV.  Additional economic benefits also occur with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improving the state of the environment. 

Not only is the government saving money, but the customers do too. If a hybrid electric car user charged their vehicle from rooftop solar, it would be an estimated cost of 30c a litre.

As a result of these perks that Electric Vehicles can bring to our society, strategies are becoming implemented to encourage the change. One example of this is modernising the Green Vehicle Guide government website.  The purpose of this website is to educate and inform the public on the impact they can make by choosing to go ‘greener’.

But Do Electric Vehicles Honestly Have Environmental Benefits?

When charging from the grid, using renewable energy sources such as solar, this energy-saving resource decreases the emissions which are producing harmful chemicals. Even when not using solar and powering an electric car using a power station, it is less destructive to the environment as it is burning far less petrol. Therefore, yes, electric vehicles do positively impact the environment by reducing pollution and emissions.



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