Australian Made SonnenBatterie Hybrid 9.53 Home Battery Storage Review

Power your home with an Australian made
sonnenbatterie Hybrid 9.53 system

Industrial Electrics has partnered with Sonnen, a global leader in safe, reliable, and long-lasting energy storage to offer customers like you a new way to extend the benefits of your solar investment.

Sonnen is one of the market leaders in home battery storage solutions. German design and certified Australian Made, Sonnen is pioneering intelligent energy storage around the world with superior craftsmanship and unbeatable 10+ year warranties. They have over 50,000 systems installed worldwide.

Sonnen’s local headquarters and manufacturing plant are based in South Australia at the old Holden production plant – with teams dedicated to delivering quality, safe and durable products and accessories for the Asia Pacific markets.

The local sonnen team supports sales, technical and warranty for their sonnenBatteries and energy plan sonnenFlat. Since they have established their local footprint in Australia, the sonnenBatterie Hybrid 9.53 has become certified Australian Made and has helped to revive clean-tech manufacturing in Australia.

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“Our customers are proud to know when they purchase a SonnenBatterie they are helping to create jobs in Australia and to grow Australia’s economy. They are also supporting Australian component suppliers in growing their businesses as Sonnen also sources local components to manufacture our home batteries in Australia.” – Nathan Dunn, CEO Sonnen Australia

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. Pair Sonnen’s next-level Hybrid technology with your solar system to harvest clean, abundant energy to use around the clock. Reduce your carbon footprint with Sonnen while protecting your family from bill shock.

How the SonnenBatterie Hybrid 9.53 Storage Could
Improve Your Solar Performance

Do you ever worry about not having enough solar energy to meet your power consumption needs in the early morning and late at night? The SonnenBatterie has an intelligent system which allows for energy to be stored from the previous day to power your household, even when the sun isn’t shining.  Additionally, this system has the ability to restart itself after a sudden shutdown, such as if a blackout or power outage was to occur.  With this protection, households can feel safe in knowing there is an emergency energy supply in these instances.

As an exclusive Sonnen Partner, we are able to offer a $0 sonnenFlat monthly fee for 24 months on all new SonnenBatterie and battery storage installations.  Contact our team today for more information on the available energy plans.

Additionally, you could receive up to $1200 cash back! Enquiry today to assess your eligibility.

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$0 sonnenFlat monthly fee for 24 months

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